A tiny clarification needed from the NBR

Apparently Mr.Cristian Popa, the Deputy Governor at the NBR had a speech last week. Or maybe he gave an interview. I do not know as I could not find it in the papers I looked. But I heard people referring to it and actual making calls on the path of future interest rates on Romania based on it. So it might exist just not in my informational universe.
Well, the point I am trying to make is that after hearing about it I went to the NBR site to look for it. Nothing there.
And now my question. In the event I do find the speech/interview somehwere should I just take whatever I find in the media as as his own opinion?
More general: Is it the case that if a speech/presentation of one of the MPC members is not on the official site of the NBR then he/she speaks on his behalf and not for the NBR?
I am just wondering.


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