Old material until Sunday

I will not be writing until Sunday and I do not want you to suffer from blog withdrawal. In order for you to stay sharp and navigate through what it looks like a very volatile Friday I selected for you few articles from the start of this blog back in August this year:
Romania needs to act fast
Romanian Fiscal Strategy decrypted
The proof is in the money market
Romanian policymakers: watch, read and learn
Oligopoly, the game for banks in Romania?

And for the Romanian speakers, here is an interview with me from March 28th 2011 on The Money Channel.
I said quite a few things but here are the two main messages:
-The global crisis is not over
-Romanian economy will suffer from global slowdown and higher price of liquidity.
Also, at 50.40 I go against Mr. Tanasescu and I say that we will used funds from the just signed precautionary agreement with IMF. Obviously the Romanian representative at IMF thought otherwise. We also disagreed about the health of the Romanian economy.


5 thoughts on “Old material until Sunday

  1. salut, florin.

    just discovered your blog here, and read through bits&pieces.

    I find it encouraging to see there still are people like you out there, trying to tell it like it is.

    thank you for sharing your ideas, and keep up the good blog!

    best wishes, sorin.

  2. Is this an ‘I told you so’ article?
    Isnt it a little premature to claim the 2nd crisis wave is here?
    There are quite a few signs, but nothing major has occured yet..
    Very nice articles though…

    1. Not really. Just wanted to bring up some old stuff as many people just joined. On the other hand, lower expected growth by 2% is dramatic for a poor country. :). Let’s just wait. Thanks for reading.

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