What do you think your taxes are used for?

I do not really read the news, just the titles. Most of the time is a waste of time. However,  sometimes it strikes a nerve.

Take this title from today’s ZF: Do you know what your taxes are used for? . This is advertised as a forum of experts that are going to explain to us the destination of the taxes paid in Romania. Some of the people in the panel are good economists (one is my partner in two companies ). Still, my question is : Do we need them to tell us about the destination of our taxes?

I do not believe we do . For anyone interested in what their taxes are used for in the economy I recommend:

– spend a day in a public hospital

-go and pay your taxes around noon at any office

-drive from Bucharest to Arad and back

-send your kid to public school in Romania

-ask support from a police man after you just cursed at one of the big mafiosi in your neighborhood

These are just few examples but they will give you a better feel for how the public money are spent then the any expert view.

If you have other and better examples please let me know. I will check to see if the conclusions from the panel discussion matches our view.


2 thoughts on “What do you think your taxes are used for?

  1. Yes, the taxes I pay go to my poor neighbours who have no revenue and live on wellfare, but their kid drives a Bmw, owns a gym (at the age of 19) and has an iphone 4S. They also go to my other neighbour who is at the age of 45 retired, suffering from some strange illness which does not seem to manifest itself in any way.

    I am not a fan of Reaganomics, there are people who actually need wellfare assistance but most of the cases I know are frauds and the term “wellfare queen” used in the US fits perfectly here.

    1. I do agree there are desperate cases where society should step up and help. Even Ayn Rand and F. Hayek used social welfare in the latter part of their lives.They both are responsible for a big part of my thinking today but life has a funny way of showing you that extremes can come back and bite you in the ass. 🙂
      Regarding support for disadvantaged, I would first use incentives to have families care for each other and then only the ones really in need should get help.

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