Readings about EURO

Few links to read on the EURO:

The Economist

Naked Capitalist

Zero Hedge


4 thoughts on “Readings about EURO

  1. There are plenty of scenarios, analysis and arguments claiming euro’s collapse. As a contrarian I am quite reserved, in fact YTD EURUSD is roughly flat and the environment is far worse. Fair enough, it is 11% below peak. But the thing that worries me the most is the failure of last week german bund action and I think this could bring euro to plummet.
    Good article in The Economist, insightful remarks in ZH and NC, although we know they are deeply “europermabear”.
    Finally, another two interesting links:

    1. I think it is quite doubtful the EURO will disappear tomorrow, as figure of speech. Nevertheless, there is almost 100% probability that it will not survive in the current form and design. It’s biggest enemy is the social European state. As long as we will have national identities EURO is doomed. EURO is fighting with centuries of European division and my view is that in the end it will loose, which is in fact the contrarian view.

      1. I agree with you. It seems the contrarian approach can be applied even on different time frames. 🙂
        Milton Friedman’s predictions concerning the eurozone are coming true and there are chances to be totally right eventually. But as I said, I am still confident in the market’s moments of irrationality and I think the eurusd will take a breath for a while. Or take my breath. 😀

  2. Many thanks to central banks for contributions brought to the field of irrationality in “free” financial markets. 😀

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