Banks’ doomsday scenarios can only be topped by Hollywood writers

You know I have been very critical of the biased way in which EU leaders and their friends, bankrupt bankers (the solvent ones do not need them so they do not play their game), have presented the euro zone gross mis-management of public funds and depositors money as the end of the world as we know it.  Even their worst case scenario, euro vanishing into thin air, will not really destroy Europe.  It might set it back a little but not destroy it.  To fairy tales I can only bring the big bazooka: Hollywood.

I am sure EU leaders, and our own beloved president have tried everything to get inspired and motivated for this Summit.. This is, once again, my help to our European Leaders: few Hollywood inspirational speeches.  In times like these when everyone is presenting so most ludicrous and unrealistic scenario for the euro zone, the only response that will rise to the same level of imagination has to come from Hollywood writers. Enjoy!

and this is just to see the problem those leaders are facing today:


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