9 thoughts on “Nassim Taleb gets it

  1. Yes, I’ve reading his book, Black Swan, I’m halfway through, but I have to agree that these black swans might happen, and the only thing you can do is to prepare the best you can. You can not predict or prevent them, but maybe you can minimize their impact if you’re expecting them.

    1. would be hard to see someone like him elected in a country with 4 million tax payers and 8 million people on some kind of state dependency/welfare program

  2. Yeah, we need someone who wants to abolish FED an to re-introduce gold standard…
    In the current market, Taleb is so loaded with cheap out of the money puts that he has to support Ron Paul. A Ron Paul presidency would be the best thing that could happen for Taleb in order to see his puts deep in the money.
    I find Taleb’s books very worth reading but his media appearances are surely not at the same level.
    As Bill Gross said, I am a little Ron Paulish, but this is more than enough.

    1. @sergiu
      I think Taleb is identifying the problems correctly and that is why I think he is good. Regarding Ron Paul, I doubt that if he is elected he will really abolish the FEd.

      Back to Taleb, I am the exact opposite when it comes to investment strategy. I am not bullish on the EUR or stocks. The bond market will see higher yields soon, as said at the beginning of the year. B

      1. Of course he will not abolish the FED, this is an issue depending not only on his own personal ambition. However the run to achieve his goals would bring a lot of uncertainities over investors, financial system and economic environment.
        I agree that Taleb is identifying the problems correctly but also I think he fails to identify the solutions.

        Basically, Taleb is long on hyperinflation, thus his preference for stocks. Taleb doesnt trust treasuries so if you are expecting higher yields soon this means roughly the same thing.

    2. Ron Paul is very good on civil liberties, the drug war, his opposition to war, etc

      But he’s absolutely CLUELESS on monetary matters.

      As for the coming hyperinflation – the markets see no sign of it.
      So why would I trust one biased individual over the collective wisdom of the markets ?

  3. Ron Paul is absolutely clueless on very important issues like facebook and twitter.
    Obamanomics makes him laugh a lot.
    But he understands economics better than anyone else.

    I don’t expect him to get elected in any country.
    Nowadays people have smartphones so why would they need a brain anymore ?!

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