I started this blog in an attempt to provide an independent and qualified view of Romanian financial markets and government policies to local and foreign investors. My intent is to provide economic research, policy analysis, immediate news reactions and anything else that mainstream media ignores.  However, I will only cover issues that I find important for the general public and investors.

I will not only limit the posts to Romanian issues. In the current economic environment it is important to make sense of more than one market.

I do not care for a particular side, I am not a bull or a bear, I do not care for politics – I just call it like it is and hopefully save you or even better make you some money.

Currently I run a consulting firm, FLORIN CITU ADVISORY that advises Romanian corporate clients in their relationship with banks and other financial institutions. The financial markets environment is changing every day especially investment, saving and hedging products and will always be a challenging environment where one needs professional advise. My expertise is in Applied Macroeconomics, Financial Markets and Financial Markets Products, Monetary Policy and global markets analysis.

I did my studies in the US, Grinnell College and Iowa State University, and worked for Reserve Bank of New Zealand, European Investment Bank and ING Bank. At the last place I led a team of traders , researchers and sales where I doubled the performance of the department, created the most successful and visible  research team and introduced all investment, savings and hedging products in the Romanian market for my employer.

For consulting services and investment advice I can be contacted at office@florincituadvisory.com


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